A collective of freelance strategists, designers, and developers

We’re a versatile but like-minded team of makers and overall nice people with 10+ years of professional experience each that has worked with clients ranging from entrepreneurs and startups to global brands and enterprises, allowing you to increase your velocity without increasing your headcount.

We craft memorable customer experiences and holistic digital solutions to ever-changing problems, building products that bring actual value to people and accelerate businesses. Together with you, we’re working on tomorrow. And beyond tomorrow.

We’re beyond

We’re beyond agencies

The market is full of amateur agencies and shitty service providers. And we’re here to fix it, once and for all.

beyond is a well-practised full-stack speedboat team, offering the diversity of an agency, keeping the drive and pace of a startup, while offering all the freelancer benefits such as short-term and flexible availability and low cost overhead.

No waiting for internal capacities or long ramp-up phases.

We deliberately stay small, to be efficient without overhead. It gives us the ability to easily change direction, deliver projects quickly, and dedicate extraordinary attention to your project.

We’re beyond consulting

The best digital products are built in-house for the long term. We’re your speedboat team for kicking things off.

We don’t overcomplicate stuff or do bullshit Excel sheets. No inefficiencies, no waiting for weeks before work on your project even starts, no nonsense. We get shit done.